Diplom | graduation film

MULM is my 2019 graduation film that concluded my studies at Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg. Directed by me and Tobias Trebeljahr, this gloomy trip seeks to invoke the spirit of David Lynch and Brothers Quai, while overwhelming the audience with a brutal soundscape. The project was realised by us two, our Technical Director Seyed Ahmad Hosseini and our Producer Laura Messner in about 9 months with minimum help from other teammembers.

Position | Directing, CG-Lead, Look Development, Shading & Lighting, Texturing, Modeling, Compositing*, additional Animation

  • Duration | 7:00 min
  • Produktion Time | 9 month

  • Shots | 100
  • Core team | 4

“N. tries to communicate with a star. In this work he is disturbed by the neighbours cat, which he has to watch, then it gets weird … “

The Characters

  • “N” Face & Body | Actor Klaus B. Wolf | The Scientist
  • Individuum | Obsessed | Rational
Body glass work in progress

  • “BP” The Backpacker
  • Legion | Hivemind | Mystical

  • “Cat”
  • Cosmic Entity | Symbol | Beyond Comprehension
  • “Behemoth”
  • Incarnation | Star


  • Modelsheets by Tobias Trebeljahr


  • some impressions of the set dressing & look development progress

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